Our Smart POS
Our POS services allow you to deposit, withdraw, Transfer and run your business finances in the most flexible manner based on what you are most comfortable with.
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Make cash withdrawals directly from your bank or wallet using the Transave POS


Make cash deposits directly into your bank or wallet using the Transave POS

POS Transfer

Make cash Transfers directly from your bank or wallet using the Transave POS

POS transaction
TranSave offers agents and businesses instant and seamless financial services with our POS terminals. With our POS services, businesses can grow their enterprises or handle financial emergencies with affordable, collateral-free loans.
– Make Withdrawal with POS
– Deposit Money with our POS
– Make various Cash transfer
How to transact with POS
– Log in on the web or download the Transave App on your play store.
– Select "Loan" from the main menu
– Follow the on-screen instructions
– From the web or App, (Update your account if it's requested) select the saving options, types and amount
– Proceed to make payment with card or from wallet
– Confirm payment
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TranSave is streamlining financial services to enable a healthy, quick and efficient way to deal with everyday payments.

Important Legal Disclosures & Information
© 2022 Transave provides no information of yours to any third party, where as your information are guided against any form of infilterations and fraud. We are finanacial company partnering with various financial Institutions in Nigeria whch in essence would be a good benefit for us all.
© 2022 TranSave is a fintech platform that offers its users loans, transactions, savings, POS, and card services, as a product of Peace Microfinance Bank LTD.